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Breast Thermography Screening

Breast thermal imaging, or Thermography, uses state of the art technology which scans the breasts using a thermal imaging camera. It offers a non-invasive method to detect unusual heat patterns in the breast which may indicate inflammation or other abnormalities in breast tissue.

The Benefits of Breast Thermography

Dr Nyjon Eccles is the Medical Director of The Natural Doctor in Harley Street, London.  He has become the UK’s leading clinician involved with Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging and particularly its application as a non-invasive tool for early detection and monitoring of breast disease. Much of his time is spent in research and his reputation is supported by numerous papers and scientific reviews on a wide range of topics related to integrated medicine. He is listed in the 2010 “Who’s Who” for outstanding achievement in his field.

In this video, Dr Eccles explains the benefits of thermal imaging, especially for younger women who are too young for the national breast screening programme. Further information regarding Breast Thermal Imaging can be found at The Natural Doctor from Dr Nyjon Eccles.
Please Note:  Pulse Health Screening highly recommends Breast Thermography as a valuable breast screening method. It is not a service we offer through our clinic but you can book your breast screen direct through the two UK providers, below.

How to Book a Thermal Imaging Scan

If you would like to book a thermogram appointment at The Natural Doctor Clinic in Harley Street, London, you can contact the clinic direct here.

The cost for a Breast Thermogram is £265 for the initial scan and report and £499 if you wish to have a consultation on Zoom with the doctor to discuss your results.  They are also offering a 20% discount for women under 30 years.  Payment must be made in full at the time of your visit to the clinic.  More details are available at

If you live elsewhere in the UK, there are a number of venues which also offer Thermal Imaging through a company called Medscans.

Medscans offers breast and full-body thermograms six days a week at their base in Liverpool and their thermographers also visit clinics around the UK on a three-monthly basis throughout the year.  

A Breast Thermogram costs £275 and £250 for follow-up breast scans.  The scans are interpreted by doctors trained in medical thermography and your results are sent to you a few days later.  To help with payments, Medscans offers an interest-free monthly payment scheme of £27.50.

If you would like to book a thermogram appointment with Medscans, you can contact them direct here.  Please mention Pulse Health Screening when you book.