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How to Book

Health Consultations are conducted by a Registered Nurse at your home or workplace within 25 miles of Bedford, or at a clinic in Bedford town.  

(Please note that home or workplace visits beyond 10 miles of Bedford will incur an additional charge at 40 pence per mile)
Most consultations are available between 9am and 4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,.

To Book or Enquire by Telephone:

Call 01234 840089.  If no one is available to take your call, leave a message on the answerphone stating that you wish to book a consultation and leave a telephone number.  We shall call you to discuss or arrange an appointment. Alternatively, call again later.

To Book or Enquire Online:

Fill in the form below with your details and a telephone number and email address.  We shall call or email you to discuss or arrange an appointment.  If you have a problem sending the form, send an email to with the same details as the form.