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Whilst working as a health screening nurse for insurance companies, Sue regularly saw the early signs of cardiovascular disease and diabetes through the tests she performed on the clients.  However, it was not in her remit to provide diet and lifestyle advice, and this inspired her to set up Pulse Health Screening.  

Pulse Health Screening has now been operating for over 12 years and offers a wide range of health and wellbeing services for individuals wishing to improve their health, and for companies requiring health and wellbeing services for their staff.  

Sue frequently attends workshops and training to enhance and increase the services offered by Pulse Health Screening. She also writes articles for magazines and blogs on a variety of health topics, including two ebooks, one on breast health called How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy and another on general health called Choosing a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle.
Pulse Health Screening was founded by Sue Bedford, a Registered Nurse with a passion for disease prevention and health promotion.

During her 30 years of nursing, Sue has worked in a variety of fields of medicine within the NHS, Private Sector and in Primary Care.  

Over this time, Sue became interested in the effect that diet and lifestyle has on a range of chronic illnesses.  She found it strange that nutrition is barely taught in Nursing and Medical Schools, yet it has such a large impact on the cause or prevention of ill health.  This revelation led Sue to undertake a diploma course in Nutrition.
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Sue is fully compliant with the regulations set down by the Nursing & Midwifrey Council as a Registered General Nurse and is also fully insured for public and professional liability for the services she provides

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How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy EBook

Choosing a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle EBook

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Since March 2019, Sue has been recommending a wearable neuro-technology which consists of a tactile pattern embedded into a range of products that can be worn every day. It is having a dramatic effect on neurological health by improving balance, stability, mobility, energy, recovery, sporting ability, pain management and reducing risk of falls by eight times.  If you would like to try a sample of the technology to see how it could help you, click here.

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