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Bio-energetic testing is gaining recognition by both orthodox and CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) practitioners around the world.  It offers an invaluable way to find out what may be happening at the energy level that may cause an imbalance in the body.

Bio-Energetic Testing

Studies by NASA have shown that energy levels in the body go wrong long before an illness manifests or abnormalities show on medical tests.  Therefore, bio-energetic testing may help to detect imbalances at the energy level, allowing a potential underlying cause to be identified and investigated further.  

The Asyra Pro
Asyra Pro
Bio-energetic screening is part of an emerging field of medicine, under the realm of quantum physics.  It can help to give a broader picture of wellbeing in addition to the more usual methods of symptom analysis and/or laboratory testing.

There are many bio-energetic testing devices in existence but we believe the Asyra Pro, also known as the Qest4, to be one of the most advanced using electro-dermal screening.  It not only detects imbalances at the energetic level but also produces a digital remedy, similar to a homeopathic remedy, to help the body deal with those imbalances.    
What happens during a consultation?

The first consultation takes around an hour and a half. You are asked about your past and present medical history, medication, supplements, and current diet and lifestyle, in order to give a fuller picture of your health status and to help your practitioner work out the most appropriate tests to run on the Asyra Pro.

To do the tests, you hold two brass cylinders, one in each hand to form a circuit.  As the Asyra runs the tests,  the results are displayed on a computer screen.

Once the tests are completed, the results are discussed with you.  A digital imprint of the frequencies recommended by the Asyra is then produced into a liquid solution or pillules (small homeopathic pills) for you to take away.  The cost for the digital remedy is included in the consultation price.  
If an issue is identified which requires more than just the digital remedy, you may be recommended to take certain types of nutritional supplement or be given specific diet and lifestyle advice.

It is important to reiterate that the Asyra does not diagnose a disease but it may give clues that indicate an issue that needs exploring further.  Therefore, you may also be advised to have a laboratory test(s) which could be arranged by your GP or through your practitioner at Pulse Health Screening.

What happens after the consultation?
More information

Frequently asked questions can be found here.

More information about the Asyra Pro can be found at www.asyra.co.uk

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It is estimated that more than 70 percent of patients who visit their doctor with a variety of symptoms are told that there is nothing wrong with them after undergoing a range of tests. This can be very frustrating for the patient because they “know” something is not right. Sometimes, a drug will be prescribed to help reduce the symptoms but this will not necessarily address the underlying cause(s).  

Following your consultation, a full report with a plan of action is sent to you, usually by email.  Printed copies can also be posted if you do not have a computer for an additional charge of £5.

A follow-up consultation will be advised, depending on the length of time the remedy is recommended, which could range from three to six weeks.  The follow-up consultation retests the imbalances identified on your first test to see if any are still an issue, and to identify new imbalances which need tackling next.

Please Note:  The Asyra Pro is not a medical device and therefore is unable to diagnose a disease or medical condition

** An online consultation via Zoom is now available, by testing a hair sample.  For details, click here **

** Please note that this service is temporarily on hold due to a family bereavement**      To find another practitioner who offers this service, fill in the form at https://www.asyra.co.uk/contact-us or type Asyra or Qest4 into a search engine