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A to Z of Tests and Services

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Pulse Health Screening offers a wide range of health screening tests and services.  As a quick reference, you will find every test and service listed here which links to more information.













Adrenal Stress Profile

Adrenal Stress Profile + Cortisol Awakening Response

Adrenal - Thyroid Profile

Allergy Test - UK & IRL Profile

Allergy Test 2 - Eczema Provoking

Allergy Test  3 - Rhinitis Provoking

Allergy Test 4 - Cereal

Allergy Test 5 - Antibiotics

Allergy Test 6 - Insects

Allergy Test 7 - Shellfish

Allergy Test 8 - Nuts and Seeds

Allergy Test 9 - Milk and Milk Proteins

Andropause Profile

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Finger Prick Test

Asyra Pro Bio-energetic Screening

Biochemistry/Haematology Profile Test

Bio-energetic Screening

Bio-energetic Screening (Remote)

Breast Thermography

C-Reactive Protein Test

Cardiovascular Risk Profile Test

Chronic Fatigue Screen

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile + Cortisol Awakening Response

Faecal Occult Blood (stool) Test

Fasting Lipid Profile Test

Female Fertility Profile

Food Print 40 Test

FoodPrint 120 Test

FoodPrint 200 Test

FoodPrint Vegetarian Test

FoodPrint Vegan Test

FoodPrint Hs-CRP & 200 Bundle

Food & Environmental Allergens Finger Prick Test

Food Intolerance Test (Premium 200 Plus)

Food Intolerance Test (Junior)

Food Allergy and Intolerance Tests Bundle

Hair Mineral & Toxins Analysis Test

Hair Mineral & Toxins Analysis Re-Test

Hair Mineral Analysis for Dogs

HbA1c Test

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Test

Homocysteine Test

Iodine Urine Test


Male Hormones Plus Profile (saliva)

Male Fertility Profile

Melatonin Profile

Menopause Profile

Menopause Plus Profile Test (saliva + urine)

Metabolic Syndrome Profile

Metabolic Analysis Profile - Organic Acids


One Day Progesterone/Oestradiol Hormone Test

One Day Hormone Check

Osteoporosis Risk Test (urine)

Osteoporosis Screen Test

Parasite Screen Test (Stool)

Pre-Conception Health Check                   

Progesterone (blood)

Prostate Specific Antigen Test

Rhythm Female Hormone Profile

Rhythm Plus Comprehensive Hormone Profile

Testosterone Test

Testosterone (Free)

Testosterone (saliva)


Thyroid Function Profile Test

Thyroid Function Profile Finger Prick Test

Urine Thyroid Hormones (T3/T4) Test

Urine Iodine Test


Vitamin B12 Test

Vitamin B12 Finger Prick Test

Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy Test

Vitamin D Finger Prick Test

Total Thyroid Screen

Total Thyroid Screen with Reverse T3


Well Person Health Checks

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