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"I feel sure that Sue has saved my life. My first CardioCheck™ reading showed my arteries were as stiff as someone 20 years older than me.  By implementing her recommendations for diet and lifestyle and taking specific supplements, I am delighted that after 3 months, my arteries have returned to normal for my age and I feel great!"

"I have struggled with a health issue for some time and wasn't getting anywhere with my doctor. Sue gave me information on healthy diet and lifestyle to help my condition and I am still benefiting from that advice several months later."

“Sue undertook a full health screening on me last month and I'm delighted that she did. She undertook a full range of tests and discovered that I had a couple of health issues which I had been blissfully unaware of.  Sue was very proactive in explaining exactly what the issues were and giving me advice around how my diet and lifestyle affected these issues. I would recommend Sue and Pulse Health Screening without hesitation.”

"I had a hair mineral analysis which showed up quite a lot of imbalances and also showed I was very stressed. A short while after taking the supplements recommended to me, I found I was able to sleep for the first time in ages and I now feel less stressed, too."
"I am very pleased I had my arteries checked with the CardioCheck™. My reading showed my arteries were younger than my real age and it really made my day!"

"I went to my doctor and asked about having a blood test for vitamin B12 but he refused, so I searched the internet and found Pulse Health Screening.

Sue arranged for my husband and I to have the test at a local laboratory and I am so glad we did. My levels were lower than normal but my husband's were a lot lower. Sue gave us dietary advice and our next tests were in the normal range. I'm very glad I found Pulse Health Screening."

“I had read that 90% of the population are deficient in Vitamin D so decided to have a 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test through Pulse Health Screening to check my levels. I was shocked to discover  that I was severely deficient.  Sue suggested I take a Vitamin D3 supplement and I shall find out my levels again in a few months. I'm so glad I had the test with Pulse Health Screening as my GP won't offer it.”

Workplace Testimonials

Pulse Health Screening offers health screening and health promotion in the workplace to companies within 25 miles of Bedford.

If you are a company owner or employee and would like to have health screening at your place of work, visit our Corporate website for more details.  All our services are tax deductible and exempt from VAT.  They are also classed as a tax-free benefit for employees.

Here are some comments from members of staff who have had the Employee Health and Wellness Check.

"An excellent service conducted by excellent people. Can I have another session in six months to see if things I have adopted from today's session have had the desired results? Thank you for arranging everything to happen."

"I thought the blood pressure check etc were very good. I like the fact that the testers spent quite a bit of time on each test, explained what they were doing and what the results meant. Also like the amount of advice they gave us. I found it very useful and well worth the time."

"The blood pressure check was great. I found Sue Bedford really helpful and gathered a lot of advice from her after finding out that I was at risk. I have since been very aware of what I am eating and am really happy that I went there. The booklet and information given was very useful and well received."

“How brilliant the Pulse Screening service was.  The lady that I saw was excellent.  She understood how anxious I was about my heart problems and talked to me about them, she was very reassuring and even when my reading came out quite high, she invited me back to be re-tested the next day and put my mind very much at rest.  She has also given me ideas of how I can change my lifestyle to help with my heart problems and I cannot speak highly enough of this lady.”

“It was excellent.  Got some very useful information on screen for breast cancer.”

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We always love to receive testimonials from our clients who have benefited from the services offered by Pulse Health Screening.

Below, are a number of testimonials that we have received, including some from employees seen in the workplace.


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