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Parents with baby
Preparing to have a baby does not start with a positive pregnancy test. Ideally, it should start several months BEFORE conception when the mother’s egg is ripening and the father’s sperm is maturing.  

The quality of the egg and sperm, which form the baby, depends on the health of both parents.  If either has a nutrient deficiency or a high level of toxins in their body, the possibility of having a healthy baby may be reduced.  This may result in a miscarriage, birth defect or even prevent a pregnancy from happening, altogether.
Pregnancy Support
On the following pages, you will find information about the steps that both of you can take to prepare for your baby.  

The information on the Pre-Conception page provides healthy diet and lifestyle recommendations to increase your chance of conceiving.  A Pre-Conception Health Check is recommended to assess both parents’ health and fertility, and identify any nutrient deficiency or toxic overload that needs addressing.  

The Pregnancy page includes diet and lifestyle recommendations to help the mother throughout pregnancy, and the Post-Natal page gives helpful tips on breastfeeding and post-natal health issues.
Pregnant couple
If you have been experiencing difficulty with conceiving, have had recurrent miscarriages or are preparing for IVF, we recommend that you visit the website of holistic practitioner, Rakhee Shah at Fertility, Bump and Beyond.
Free Resources

There are also other fertility experts who have produced Free Ebooks, Articles and Webinars which can be downloaded from their websites.  To visit their sites, click on the links below.

Andrew Loosley - Natural Fertility Expert

Gabriela Rosa - Natural Fertility Breathrough

Sarah Holland - Fertile Mindset

Toni Weschler - Taking Charge of Your Fertility
Baby Post-Natal

Click on the titles below for diet and lifestyle advice