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Bio-energetic testing can be delivered remotely by testing a sample of the person’s hair whilst conducting a consultation via Zoom.

This uses the science of quantum physics which shows that testing a unique piece of a person (e.g. a sample of their hair), gives the same results as if they were seen face-to-face.  It may be a difficult phenomenon to understand but it has been understood and used in a variety of situations for decades.  

Please Note: This consultation is only available in the UK

Remote Bio-Energetic Testing

Although some practitioners offer this service without a consultation, we believe that the person should be present online whilst the tests are run, in a similar way to the face-to-face consultation.  This allows for past history and present symptoms to be investigated in order to determine which Asyra tests should be chosen, followed by a discussion on the findings.

To do the tests, the two brass cylinders are placed in a special way onto the hair sample.  Once the tests are completed, a digital imprint of the frequencies recommended by the Asyra is then produced into a liquid solution or pillules (small homeopathic pills) and sent by first class mail.  The cost for the digital remedy is included in the consultation price.  
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More information about the Asyra Pro can be found at www.asyra.co.uk

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The personalised report is emailed a few days later with the results and a plan of action to follow.  Certain types of nutritional supplement may also be recommended depending on the results and current health issues.

It is important to state that the Asyra does not diagnose a disease but it may give clues that indicate an issue that needs exploring further.  Therefore, you may also be advised to have a laboratory test(s) which could be arranged by your GP or through your nurse practitioner at Pulse Health Screening.

A follow-up consultation may be advised, depending on the length of time the remedy is recommended, which could range from three to six weeks.  The follow-up consultation retests the imbalances identified on your first test to see if any are still an issue, and to identify new imbalances which need tackling next.

** Please note that this service is temporarily on hold due to a family bereavement**      To find another practitioner who offers this service, fill in the form at https://www.asyra.co.uk/contact-us or type Asyra or Qest4 into a search engine