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These include Cardiovascular, General Health with the Soza Health Screening programme, and Breast Health. Face-to-face consultations are available if you live within 25 miles of Bedford. Some health and wellbeing checks include an Asyra Pro bio-energetic health screen.
A wide range of tests is available throughout the UK which include allergy, food intolerance, hair analysis for minerals and toxic metals, hormone profiles, vitamins D and B12, homocysteine, cholesterol, candida, thyroid function,  plus much more.
Talks and Workshops

Talks are available to local groups and companies on a variety of health topics from cardiovascular health to food intolerance within 25 miles of Bedford.  A half-day workshop on Breast Health is also available.
How important is your health to you?  

We all know someone who has a chronic health condition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer, which affects their wellbeing and enjoyment of life.  Maybe you are suffering from a chronic disease, yourself. Yet, many of these conditions are preventable.

Doctors know that the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the easier and more successful it is to treat - some diseases can even be reversed.  This is why regular health screening is recognised to potentially save lives. Unfortunately, our country’s health service struggles to provide sufficient health screening, partly due to the sheer magnitude and cost of the task.
This is where Pulse Health Screening can help.  We offer a professional service which includes a variety of health checks and medical tests that assess your present state of health.  Many of these are currently unavailable from your doctor, such as bioresonance testing, food intolerance or arterial stiffness testing.  We also provide up-to-date diet and lifestyle advice which promotes health and aims to reduce disease risk.

So, if you are someone who values your health and wellbeing and wishes to keep well for as long as possible, or you feel something is wrong but routine tests have drawn a blank, you may find our services of benefit.

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On this site, you will also find articles on a range of health issues, plus links to other websites which we highly recommend.
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