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In 2001, Sue took up a Practice Nurse post at her local surgery after completing a health promotion course at the University of Luton.  It was there that Sue’s passion for health screening and disease prevention were kindled.
Due to family commitments, Sue left General Practice in late 2002 to become self-employed as a health screening nurse for insurance companies.  Much as she loved the health screening aspect of her work, it was not in her remit to provide health advice to the clients.
Therefore, Sue set up Pulse Health Screening, offering a wide range of health and wellbeing services and talks which include diet and lifestyle advice.  Her clients consist of individuals wishing to improve their health, through to companies requiring health and wellbeing services for their staff.  

Over the years, Sue has introduced additional services, including the Asyra Pro, bioresonance medical device, which helps to identify and address health issues at their root cause.  

The most recent introduction is a new health screening programme from a company called Soza Health.  Sue is the first nurse licensee to offer this high-end screening service which uses nine state-of-the-art medical devices to give a comprehensive evaluation of current health and future risks.

As an enthusiastic researcher, Sue frequently writes articles for magazines and blogs on a variety of health topics. She has written two ebooks based on her research and experience to date.  One is on breast health called How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy and the other is called Choosing a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle.

If you would like to contact Sue, click here.

Sue Bedford is a Registered Nurse with a passion for disease prevention and health promotion.
During her 25 years of nursing, Sue has worked in many areas within the NHS and private sector in the UK, including Ear Nose and Throat, Cardiac Surgery, and assisting in Breast, Gastro-Intestinal and Colo-Rectal Outpatient Clinics.  

In 2000, Sue became interested in the effect that diet and lifestyle has on a range of chronic illnesses.  She found it strange that nutrition is barely taught in Nursing and Medical Schools, yet it has such a large impact on the cause or prevention of ill health.  This revelation led Sue to undertake a diploma course in Nutrition.
Sue Bedford