If you, or someone in your family, would like to try the revolutionary neuro-technology over a 24 hour period, the simplest way is with a sample neuropatch for just £4, or for four days with a four-pack of neuropatches for £15.

The patch is etched with a tactile pattern and worn on the dominant forearm. This pattern is sensed by the nerves on your skin and immediately starts to improve your:

This effect is guaranteed to work for 24 hours.

To see how it works, click here

To watch a live demonstration of a quantitative encephalogram (qEEG) showing what happens in the brain when a neuropatch is applied to the forearm, click here.  This remarkable effect happens with everyone.

A Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Brain

The neuropatch contains no medication or magnets and is safe for everyone, including babies, pregnant women, people with epilepsy, a pacemaker, or any type of medical condition.

To pay, click on one of the Buy Now buttons below for a single neuropatch or a pack of four.  You will be taken to a form after paying to provide details on where to send your sample(s).  

Sample Neuropatch

Apply the patch to your dominant forearm

There are a wide variety of other products which work in the same way as the neuropatch, in the form of socks, insoles, and a knee brace.  These can be washed and reused time and time again, offering a cost-effective way to receive all the benefits from this revolutionary neuro-technology.

If you wish to purchase these products after trying the neuropatch, you will be sent a link to receive a 25% discount off your first order.

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