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Each assessment takes approximately 20 minutes and includes the same measurements of health as the Cardiovascular Health Check.  

To arrange this, there needs to be a person allocated as a co-ordinator who would organise 20-minute time slots for each person.  The cardiovascular health presentation is usually given in the first 20 minutes to the whole group.

A quiet area or separate room at the venue would be preferable to provide privacy during each consultation.

For information on how to book a Group Health Check, click here.

Group Health Checks

If a group of family, friends or neighbours are interested in having a Health and Wellbeing Check, we can arrange this service for a minimum of three and a maximum of ten people at a venue of your choice, usually a home.

This service is also available to small to medium sized companies.  Details about our Corporate Screening service can be found here.  
£45.00 pp