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Water Fluoridation

There has been much controversy over artificial water fluoridation recently.  In some areas of the country, the water is naturally fluoridated. Where this occurs, a gas called fluorine is released from beneath the Earth's surface and attaches to the first solid element it finds. In nature, that is often calcium, making calcium fluoride.

In 1939, a Dr H Trendley Dean was working for the US Public Health Service.  He examined water from 345 communities in Texas.  He determined that high concentrations of fluoride in the water in these areas corresponded to a high incidence of mottled teeth.  
Dr. Trendley Dean also claimed that there was a low incidence of dental cavities in communities where the water contained 1 part per million (ppm) of fluoride. His report resulted in artificial fluoridation being implemented at 1ppm across the US.  However, under oath he later admitted that his data was invalid! (Toxic Bite by Bill Kellner-Read). Yet, water fluoridation continues in the US and has been adopted in Ireland and parts of the UK for many years.  

The "fluoride" we find added to our water supply is actually a by-product (toxic waste) of the phosphate fertiliser industry, called  hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) - very little like the naturally occurring calcium fluoride. This chemical is highly toxic and has been implicated in thyroid disease, bone disease, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and even cancer. In fact, it has been known for 80 years that fluoride causes iodine deficiency leading to hypothyroidism - noticeably on the rise. Hip fractures are also more prevalent in areas with fluoridated water.

A study in France found 86% more fractures than in non-fluoridated areas. Significantly, most of Europe and the rest of the world have rejected artificial water fluoridation.

In 1985, the UK government introduced a water fluoridation bill to allow hydrofluorosilicic acid to be added to all UK water supplies.  At the time only 165 MPs voted in favour of fluoridation, 82 voted against it and a staggering 399 MPs abstained, allowing the bill through by default.  The British electorate was effectively disenfranchised that day.  Many water companies refused to add the artificial chemicals, partly because of a fear of litigation from those made ill by hydrofluorosilicic acid.  A new amendment to the Fluoridation bill was passed by parliament in 2003, forcing water companies to add artificial fluoride to our water supplies after local consultation.  The water companies have been promised immunity by the government should members of the public try to prosecute them.
We believe that adding a registered poison to the public water supply, which has never been tested for safety, (yes, never!) is an infringement on human rights.  It is mass medication without consent  which is against medical ethics.  No doctor would prescribe a medicine to someone whose medical history they did not know, at a dose determined by the patient’s thirst.  See the National Pure Water Association website for detailed information and evidence about fluoride and its effect on health.

Fluorosis is the name for fluoride poisoning. Often it can be seen as blotches on children's teeth (see photo below). There is no cure for this and the child needs to have expensive veneers over each tooth to hide the unsightly blotches – not available on the NHS.  
Dental Fluorosis
Mild to severe dental fluorosis - the outward sign of fluoride poisoning. Dentists regard this as merely a “cosmetic problem”! Find out more from NPWA.
In India, where the water is naturally fluoridated due to wells being dug too deep into the rocks, millions of children suffer from skeletal fluorosis which affects their bones, and many of them are severely crippled (see photo opposite).

Therefore, those of us who live in artificially fluoridated areas should take extra care in the amount of fluoride we ingest. It can also be absorbed through the skin when taking a shower or bath. Tea contains a high level of fluoride and processed foods manufactured in fluoridated areas will add to the total intake. See Other Sources of Fluoride.  Amazingly, this factor is never considered by the dental associations.
Child with Skeletal Fluorois
There has been a great deal of concern, recently, about the levels of fluoride that babies ingest when they are bottle fed, as their formula may be made up with boiled, fluoridated water. If the baby is having six plus bottles a day they may be ingesting more than the recommended safe daily intake for an adult.  Infant formula made with fluoridated water at the recommended 1 part per million contains over 100 times more fluoride than breast milk.  Mothers filter out any fluoride from their own bodies so it is unable to pass into their milk.
mother bottle feeding baby
In 2006, the American Dental Association issued new guidelines to parents who gave their babies formula milk.  They recommended that parents use non-fluoridated water or water containing low concentrations of fluoride to avoid dental fluorosis when making up their babies’ bottles.  Why haven’t the UK and Irish Dental associations issued the same guidelines?
Websites about Water Fluoridation

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There are many more websites which explain why artificial fluoridation is an unsafe and ineffective practice.  Thousands of eminent scientists, dentists, doctors and other health professionals have signed a statement declaring their opposition to adding hydrofluosilicic acid to the water supply.  You can see who has signed, here.

More Videos about the Dangers of Fluoride and Fluoridation

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To check if your water is fluoridated in the UK, download a fluoride map by clicking here.

If you live in a fluoridated area, you may wish to find out how you can remove or reduce the artificial fluoride in your drinking water. Ordinary jug filters will not work due to the low molecule size of hydrofluorosilicic acid.  Information  about a number of devices, ranging from  water ionisers to atmospheric water generators, can be found below.
Water Distillers - available in a variety of sizes to fit your counter top.  They consist of a boiling chamber and a collection jug/bottle.  Contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber to be rinsed away, leaving pure, crystal clear water in the collection jug/bottle.  Prices vary from £150 to £299.

Prolonged consumption of distilled water has raised some health concerns because the water is devoid of minerals and can be acidic, therefore a multivitamin and mineral supplement should be taken to address this issue.
Reverse Osmosis unit
Reverse Osmosis - is a complicated process that removes at least 90% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water including artificial fluoride. Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems are widely acknowledged as one of the most effective filtration systems available.

They are used by the medical profession to produce ‘pure water’ for dialysis and other purposes but have only recently become more popular with householders as the prices have come down.

It is now possible to purchase a Reverse Osmosis system for under £300 and some companies can arrange leasing or hire purchase schemes.
The downsides to a Reverse Osmosis system are:

  the high consumption of water required for the filtration process, which may be an issue for those on water meters

the water produced is acidic and devoid of alkalising minerals, although it is possible to purchase a secondary unit which alkalinises the water before consumption

A good quality Reverse Osmosis unit can be purchased from Credence for under £250.
Water Filtration Systems
Water Ionizer - splits the water by electrolysis into acid and alkali. The acidic water is sent to a plastic pipe at the back of the unit for disposal down the sink.  The alkaline water is sent to a metal pipe at the top of the unit to be used for drinking, cooking etc.

The water ionizer can either sit beside the sink or under the sink and comes with attachments to allow the mains water to flow through the machine for splitting and filtering.   Alkaline water has been found to be beneficial to health and it retains the useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water.

Theoretically, with artificial fluoride being an acid, this should be filtered out through the acidic water pipe, although this cannot be guaranteed.  
Water ionizers are relatively new in the UK but have been used for many years in Eastern countries like Japan and Korea.  Water ionizers made in Japan are the most reliable and currently cost just under £1000.  Some companies offer the opportunity to pay in instalments or to rent the machines.  One such company is Cellhealth who offer the opportunity of trying their water ionizer for two months before buying.
Atmospheric Water Generator - is the most high-tech and innovative of all water filtration systems currently on the market.  It is the only water filtration system that can be guaranteed not to contain fluoride in the water because it does not filter tap water.

The water is literally generated from the air and a standard machine can produce between 18 and 24 litres of pure water every day, depending on the humidity of the location.  All that is required is an electricity supply.  Some machines produce hot water, too, which can be used for cooking or making tea and coffee, therefore eliminating the need to boil a kettle.

The machine has a sophisticated filtration system using reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to prevent the water from containing contaminants from the air.  As the water is pure, it is recommended that a multivitamin and mineral be taken daily.

As atmospheric water generators are a relatively new technology, they are still expensive to purchase from £750.

Currently, we are only aware of two suppliers in the UK, Atmos h2o and Dewpointe.
Mini Ionizer - Reverse Osmosis, Alkaliser & Ionizer in one - is an undersink unit which fits to the mains pipe and is dispensed via a separate tap by the sink.  It was developed with the help of health researcher, Chris Woollams of CancerActive and brings together the benefits of reverse osmosis to produce alkalised and ionized water.  After the water has been purified by reverse osmosis, it is quite acidic so it is remineralised with magnesium, calcium , sodium and potassium to give an average pH of 9.5.  The water is then ionized, which changes its structure into small clusters, producing healthy oxygenated, antioxidant water, free from fluoride, chlorine, hormones and other contaminants.

The unit can be purchased for £549 from Water Filter Man Ltd.  
Mini Ioniser Water ionizer
Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be regarded as medical advice.  If you are receiving medical treatment or taking prescribed medication, you are advised to consult your GP or health practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.
Atmosperic Water Generator Distiller Fluoride video