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Breast Health Check

The Breast Health Check offered by Pulse Health Screening provides a helpful way to assess your risk of breast cancer. It also includes training on how to check your breasts for abnormalities and gives diet and lifestyle advice that may help to reduce your risk.

The Breast Health Check takes approximately one hour and consists of the following:
Breast cancer rates are rising in the UK, now affecting one in eight women.  It is most prevalent in women over 60 but increasing numbers of younger women in their 30s and 40s are being diagnosed.

The earlier an abnormality in the breast is found, such as a lump, inflammation or thickening of the breast tissue, the easier it is to treat successfully, even if it is a benign condition.

On average, it can take 10 years before a breast tumour reaches a large enough size to be detected. Understanding the risk factors that encourage the cancer cells to grow could make all the difference.  
Woman in dressing gown Breast Health Profile
Breast Health Profile Booklet
Lifestyle Advice

At the end of the health assessment, the nurse consultant gives appropriate diet and lifestyle advice which may help reduce breast cancer risk. This is given in a booklet and also includes a record of the results from the appointment.

For information on how to book a Breast Health Check, click here.  
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Free Breast Health Leaflet

A leaflet about how to keep your breasts healthy

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Breast Health Leaflet

Health Questionnaire

This is a vital part of the assessment as it allows the nurse consultant to identify current or potential areas which may increase breast cancer risk. To save time at your assessment, you can download and print out the Breast Health questionnaire, then fill it out and have ready for your appointment. To download, click on the link below.

Breast Health Questionnaire

Weight and Height

Checking your weight and height will determine Body Mass Index (BMI). This is a scoring system used by the medical profession to ascertain if someone is underweight, overweight or obese for their height. Being overweight or obese increases breast cancer risk.

Body Composition Percentage

The Body Composition Monitor is a medical device which measures the percentages of fat, water and muscle in your body.  Too much fat over muscle, or too little water in the body can all have a detrimental effect on health.  Knowing these percentages can help the nurse to give the most appropriate diet and lifestyle advice.

Personal Breast Examination Tutorial

You are shown how to perform a breast examination by practising on a synthetic model of a breast with five types of breast lumps embedded within.  By knowing what a breast lump feels like, you are more likely to discover one yourself.

Visual Inspection Video

This short video shows a woman performing a visual inspection of her breasts in a mirror which teaches the signs every woman should be looking for when performing their own examination.  For future reference, you will have exclusive access to the video clip online after your appointment.