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Employee Health and Wellbeing Services

Employee Health and Wellness Check

Our unique health and wellbeing package offers a personalised service by a Registered Nurse with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.

The health checks provide each employee with a risk assessment of their current health and fitness status, using one of the latest medical devices called a CardioCheck.

Each employee receives a comprehensive booklet with individual diet and lifestyle recommendations and a record of their test results. In the event that an employee’s test result indicates further investigation, such as a raised blood pressure reading, they will be provided with a letter to take to their General Practitioner.

Each employee is given a contact number for the screening nurse should they need to discuss their assessment later.

For details about our Employee Health and Wellbeing Checks, click here.

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Additional Services

Additional services, through our alliance with other health and wellbeing companies, can also be offered, to enhance our overall package.  These include Smoking Cessation, Fitness and Exercise programmes and Seminars on Nutrition and Healthy Living.


Health and wellbeing services are generally regarded as an employee benefit.  Therefore, the services offered by Pulse Health Screening and our strategic partners are confidential between the practitioner and the employee only.  The results of health checks or anything discussed in confidence will not be disclosed to the employer or any other member of staff.
Health Promotion Talks

Our health and wellbeing package also includes practical talks about common health issues. These are aimed at helping the staff to understand why certain lifestyle practices can lead to chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and how making simple changes may significantly improve their long-term health at home as well as at work.

The talks can be included as part of a company Risk or Health Awareness event in conjunction with other providers or they can be offered to staff during their lunch break.  A healthy buffet lunch can also be provided for an additional fee.

For a list and description of the health talks currently available, click here.
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Employee Health and Wellness Follow-Up Check

A one-off health check may be helpful in encouraging your staff to make some diet and lifestyle changes but without a follow-up check, they will be unable to measure any improvement or deterioration in their health.

The Follow-Up Health and Wellbeing Check is recommended six months after the first check.  It includes the same measurements of health as before.  The nurse discusses any changes and provides further diet and lifestyle advice.

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Employee Health and Wellness Annual Plan

An annual health plan provides a flexible way to pay for a range of health services offered by Pulse Health Screening for your employees at a significant discount from purchasing them separately.  The payments are based on the number of employees taking part in the plan and it may be included as part of a Salary Sacrifice scheme for employees.

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually, starting at £60 per annum.  See Prices for details.

The Plan includes:

Employee Health & Wellbeing Screening

Employee Health & Wellbeing Follow-Up Screening

Personal access to Nurse Consultant

Attendance at two Health Promotion Talks

Subscription to our quarterly E-Newsletter with health news and tips
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Health and Wellness Checks for Sole Traders, Partners or Key Staff

If you are a sole trader or partner, you may find it difficult to set aside time to assess your health.  However, you should ask yourself what would happen if you became unwell from a condition caused by the stress of running your business.  Too often, company owners neglect their health, working long hours and grabbing meals when they can.  This inevitably has a detrimental effect on health, yet setting aside a small amount of time once every six months or a year for a health and wellbeing check, could help prevent common conditions caused by a busy lifestyle.  This also applies to Key Staff who have a large amount of responsibility in the everyday running of the company.

There are two health and wellbeing checks we recommend.  The first is the Cardiovascular Health Check which takes 30 to 40 minutes and the second is the more detailed General Health Check, which takes one and a half hours.

For details about our Employee Health and Wellbeing Checks for Sole Traders, Partners or Key Staff, click here.

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“Almost one in two men and women die from heart attacks or strokes.  One man in four will have a heart attack before retirement age and a quarter of all deaths from heart attack occur in people under the age of 65.  For women, heart disease and strokes are second only to cancer as the leading cause of death between the ages of 35 and 54.” (The H Factor; Patrick Holford & Dr James Braly; p77)

These statistics highlight the fact that a significant number of diseases are diagnosed during the working lives of men and women.  If caught in the early stages, treatment for common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer can be life-saving.

If you are a forward-thinking company and wish to demonstrate your duty of care to your staff, Pulse Health Screening is able to assist you by offering a range of health and wellbeing services. These are available to companies with just one employee up to one hundred employees.  

The basic services listed below can also be tailor-made to your company’s requirements.  Click on the links below to view a summary of each service.
Drivers Health Check

If you rely on your employees to use their car or a company vehicle as part of their job, you have a legal duty of care to ensure they are fit to drive.  This is especially important if they drive to meetings with colleagues or to make deliveries of products.  These drivers are known as the Grey Fleet .

Employees who regularly drive as part of their job do not have to undergo the medicals required by HGV drivers.  Nevertheless, it may be prudent to offer a Drivers Health and Wellbeing Check to the employees who regularly drive for your company.

Each consultation takes around half an hour and consists of a relevant health questionnaire, the same health measurements as the Health and Wellness Check plus a urine test and a respiratory health test.

For more details about our Drivers Health Check, click here.

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Breast Health Check

With Breast Cancer rates rising in the UK and now affecting younger, employment-age women, a Breast Health Check may be  a service that your female employees would find helpful.  

Each consultation takes around half an hour per person and consists of a questionnaire about breast health and significant medical and family history to ascertain breast cancer risk, a demonstration of how to check for a breast lump using a breast model, plus diet and lifestyle advice that may help reduce breast cancer risk.

The Breast Health Check may also be included as part of a Health Awareness Day at your company premises, which includes a lunch time talk to staff entitled “How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy”.

For details about our Breast Health Check, click here.

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