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Breast Health Check

With Breast Cancer rates rising in the UK and now affecting younger, employment-age women, a Breast Health Check may be  a service that your female employees would find helpful.  

The Breast Health Check is carried out on your premises and is available to your female staff.  Each appointment takes approximately 30 minutes per person.  It can also be offered  as a Breast Health Awareness package in conjunction with our Breast Health Talk.
Health Questionnaire

This is a vital part of the assessment as it allows the nurse consultant to identify current or potential areas which may increase breast cancer risk. The questionnaire should be given to each employee to complete prior to their assessment. To view an example of a health questionnaire, click here.

Weight and Height

Checking the employee’s weight and height will determine Body Mass Index (BMI). This is a scoring system used by the medical profession to ascertain if someone is underweight, overweight or obese for their height. Being overweight or obese increases breast cancer risk.

Visual Inspection Video

This short video shows a woman performing a visual inspection of her breasts in a mirror which teaches the signs every woman should be looking for when performing their own examination.  For future reference, the employee will have exclusive access to the video clip online after her appointment.

For the most efficient use of your time and ours, we prefer that the employees have booked their time slots in advance. This is normally arranged by a nominated member of staff and printed out and handed to the nurse on arrival. For a sample appointment sheet, which you can adapt for your own company, click here.

If the Breast Health Checks are booked as a full-day session, a 30 minute break should be included for the nurse during the day.  If the Breast Health Talk is also requested, a 60 minute session should be included for this to take place during the day.

A room or private area is required for the consultations and if two nurses are requested, a separate room would be necessary for each nurse.

The room should have a  table, two chairs and access to a power supply.

To discuss offering Breast Health Checks to your female staff, click here to contact us.
Lifestyle Advice

At the end of the health assessment, the nurse consultant gives appropriate diet and lifestyle advice which may help reduce their breast cancer risk. This is given in a booklet and also includes a record of the results from the appointment.
To view our requirements to provide the health checks, click here.   Below, is an explanation of what is included in the Breast Health Check.
Breast Talk powerpoint slide
Breast Health Profile Booklet
Breast Health Talk - How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

If you would like to offer a Breast Awareness Day for your employees, Pulse Health Screening can come along to your premises and provide a talk on personal breast health in addition to the Breast Health Checks.  

The talk can take place during the lunch break and a healthy buffet lunch can be provided at an additional charge.  Male employees are also welcome to attend the talk.

Here is a description of the Breast Health Talk:

One woman in eight is now expected to have breast cancer during her life time, yet breast cancer is a preventable disease in the majority of cases. Understanding the risk factors, knowing what to look for and what we can do to reduce the risk, could make all the difference in avoiding this preventable disease and keeping our breasts healthy.

The talk includes:

An explanation of the different types of breast cancer

Common risk factors for breast cancer

Different breast screening methods for all ages

How to check your breasts and what to look for

The simple steps you can take to reduce breast cancer risk

As part of the talk consists of a Powerpoint presentation, a projector and screen would be required.
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