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The Benefits of Workplace Health Screening

Therefore, employee health screening and workplace health promotion can offer significant benefits to your company.

Here is a list of some of those benefits:

Workplace health promotion, as part of a health and wellbeing service has been offered by companies around the world for many years.  International research now proves the monetary benefits to companies who buy in this service.  Click here for details about the research.

Businesses offering this service also find they have a higher retention rate, less staff sickness, increased performance and productivity and increased staff loyalty.
Example: Imagine an employee with unrecognised high blood pressure, slowly developing damage to arteries and major organs who one day has a serious heart attack requiring prolonged hospitalisation, intensive medical and surgical treatment and extensive rehabilitation.
Now imagine that the high blood pressure had been detected early at a workplace health screening and successfully managed. The employee would maintain good health and the employer would avoid lost productivity.

As an employer, you will be all too familiar with the increasing Health & Safety recommendations that companies demonstrate that they are taking measures to look after their staff, which includes their health needs. Health screening and health promotion will help you to comply and we can provide you with documentation to show that we have conducted employee health screening at your workplace.

Health screening can be offset against tax on your company profits, allowing you to claim back the full cost of our service, and therefore making it free. An added advantage to the employee is that company health screening is not regarded as a taxable benefit, either, therefore everyone gains.

As all our health assessments are performed by Registered Nurses, there is no VAT to add to your final bill. Health screening companies who employ unqualified or unregistered personnel are required by law to charge VAT.
H.S.E. Recommendations

Reduce ill health both in workers and the public caused, or made worse, by work

Use the work environment to help people maintain or improve their health
From Securing Health Together
Produced by the Health and Safety Commission and Health and Safety Executive, 2000
Workers around a table
Staff sickness is the largest cost that most companies have to bear in addition to the productivity issues from absent employees.

According to figures published by the Health & Safety Executive, 2.1 million workers in the UK suffered from work-related illness in 2007/2008, resulting in £11.6 billion in lost revenue, which is the equivalent of £476 for each employee or around 16% of salary costs. A significant proportion of this is due to lifestyle-related illness.
For details about the health screening and health promotion programmes offered by Pulse Health Screening, click here.
Click on document to download Securing Health Together
Building the Case for Wellness report
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