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Breast Health DVD

How to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Adapted from the Breast Cancer Awareness Talks from Pulse Health Screening

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Breast Chek Kit

The Breast Chek™ Kit does exactly what it says

It is a simple-to-use medical device designed to help in the regular self-examination of your breasts.  It works by magnifying any lumps that may be present, no matter how small, therefore making early detection much more likely and potentially life-saving.

The Breast Chek™ is totally safe and very easy to use, helping you to develop a regular self-examination routine, as recommended by health care professionals.

Take a look at the short presentation in the frame below to find out more about the Breast Chek™ medical device  (Click on the arrow to change each slide)

The Breast Chek™ Kit costs just

£23 + p&p (UK only).

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Breast Chek Kit




Breast Chek Kit

Free Breast Health Leaflet

A leaflet about how to keep your breasts healthy

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Breast Health Leaflet